Dropping/adding classes and monitored withdrawal

  1. Drop/add - up through the drop/add deadline at the beginning of the semester (typically the first week of the semester for 12 week summer sessions, and the first two weeks of the semester for the fall and spring semesters), students can make adjustments to their schedules without penalty (i.e. these changes do not show up on students' transcripts). During this time students follow the normal procedures for online registration (and should consult with their acadmic advisor if there is any doubt about which classes are appropriate).
  2. Late add/drop - the Registrar will, in rare cases, accept late adds and drops but only under extenuating circumstances (ex. death in the family, car accident, serious illness) and these are granted or denied in Student Services.
  3. Monitored withdrawal - after the drop/add period and up until the monitored withdrawal deadline, a student can still drop courses, but at that point a "W" will show up on the student's transcript (rather than a grade) for any course dropped.
  4. Appeal for late withdrawal - after the monitored withdrawal deadline has passed, students may withdraw from individual classes only in extraordinary circumstances with permission of the dean by following this procedure.
  5. Drop all classes for the term (Resignation) - if students wish to drop all of their classes and leave the semester entirely, they can do this, but how and whether or not students get any money back (and how much) depends on when they do it.


All forms and inquiries should be submitted to the Registration Team:
Student Services Office, 5th Floor IS Building
Email: registration@sis.pitt.edu
Fax: 412-624-5231