Resignation/withdrawing from the term

If you have already signed up for classes but your personal circumstances change and you can no longer complete the term, you are able to drop your entire course load. However, WHEN you do this impacts whether or not you get money back and how you even go about dropping all of your classes. Please see below to figure out which one of these applies to you. The instructions below are based on this University policy.

Before the end of the drop/add period:

Please use the online registration system to drop all of your classes.

If you drop all of your classes before the end of the drop/add period, the courses dropped do not show up on your transcript. You do receive money back, but the amount diminishes the later you wait, and at a certain point well into the term, you no longer get any money back. Please contact Student Financial Services for further details about prorated refunds.

After drop/add but no later than the 60th day of the term (or the monitored withdrawal deadline noted in the academic calendar if you are in a summer session):

You need to call the Office of Student Accounts official resignation phone number: 1-412-624-7585 to initiate the drop (called a "resignation" at this point).

After the 60th day of the semester through the deadline noted in the academic calendar:

At this point, dropping of all of your classes is considered a withdrawal. To process a withdrawal, you must do the following:

  1. Write a signed letter addressed to Student Services in the School of Information Sciences explaining a) why you need to withdraw from all of your classes for the term and b) why you were unable to resign from the term before the 60th day of the term.
  2. Submit the letter to the Registration Team
  3. The Registration Team will write a memo to request that your classes be dropped that goes:
    • to the Student Appeals Office, if the request is for a retroactive resignation, if the last date of classes attended was before the monitored withdrawal deadline
    • to the Registrar's Office, if the last date of classes attended was after the monitored withdrawal deadline.

In all cases:

  1. Regardless of the date on which you complete your resignation, the courses will show up on your transcript with an "R" next to each of them (instead of a grade). You may receive money back, but the amount diminishes the later you wait. To find out exactly how much you would get back, please contact Student Financial Services.
  2. If you intend to return to your studies in a future term, please follow the leave of absence procedures for activating your account and email address to ensure that you will be able to use the online registration system to sign up for classes upon your return.
  3. Make sure you email your academic advisor to let them know (you can look up your advisor on

If you are an LIS student with a Partner's placement, please notify Debbie Day and your placement supervisor as well.

If there were truly exceptional circumstances beyond your control (such as a death in the family, car accident, physical assault, etc.), Student Services will call the Student Appeals Office to investigate whether or not your case warrants getting some of your monies refunded for the term, but you will need to explain the exceptional circumstances in your letter and may be required to provide documentation.

The detailed University policies to this effect can be found here.


All forms and inquiries should be submitted to the Registration Team:
Registration mailbox in the Student Services Office, 5th Floor IS Building
Fax: 412-624-5231