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Prestigious Young Investigator Award won by SIS' Kostas Pelechrinis

The School of Information Sciences (SIS) congratulates Assistant Professor Kostas Pelechrinis, who was recently awarded the prestigious Young Investigator Award from the Army Research Office for his project “Models and Metrics for Socio-Spatial Composite Networks."

The project will explore the use of tensor theory to represent and analyze composite network structures that involve multiple types of nodes, edges, and/or time evolution. It aims to develop methods that will enable the analysis of heterogeneous networks. “Currently we have a good understanding of and tools for the analysis of homogenous networks, that is, networks that describe a single type of relationship between a single type of entity,” said Pelechrinis. “However, in the era of big data, more complex structures appear that involve more than one type of entity and more than one type of relationship.”

The award is in the form of a one-year grant that will be used to support Pelechrinis’ proposed project. The Young Investor Award is awarded to assistant professors only and, “seeks to identify and support academic scientists who show exceptional promise for doing creative research.” Pelechrinis’ research interests include network science, social computing, and in particular, location based social networks (LBSNs) and urban informatics. In the past he has been involved in research in computer networking and wireless and mobile networks. Pelechrinis is extremely interested in the design and implementation of practical systems based on analytical frameworks. Read more >

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