Appeal for Late Withdrawal

  1. Student prints this appeal for late withdrawal form.
  2. Student completes the upper half of the form (use your PeopleSoft number not your Social Security Number!) and writes a brief letter to accompany the form, explaining the extraordinary circumstances that warrant consideration of withdrawal beyond the deadline (i.e. students explain why they were unable to withdraw by the earlier monitored withdrawal deadline) for the course they wish to drop.
  3. Student brings the form to the instructor of the class they are trying to drop. The instructor indicates date of last attendance, grade earned to date, and then signs the form.
  4. Student submits the form to the Registration Team. The Registration Team will review the paperwork to make sure it is complete, obtain the necessary signatures, give a copy to the student, put a copy in the student's file, and forward the original to the Registrar's Office for processing.


All forms and inquiries should be submitted to the Registration Team:
Registration mailbox in the Student Services Office, 5th Floor IS Building
Fax: 412-624-5231