Registration and Enrollment

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  2. Important vocabulary
    • Academic calendar: The resource for all deadlines, holidays, etc. as controlled by the Office of the Registrar.
    • Enrollment appointment: The day and time when a student can begin enrolling. Once a student’s enrollment appointment begins, adding, dropping, or editing classes can be done until the end of the add/drop period. Students can view their enrollment appointment date and time by logging into the Pitt Portal Student Center. Note, new students do not have an enrollment appointment.
    • Open enrollment: Period when all students, continuing and new, may enroll in classes. Happens after all enrollment appointments have concluded. University open enrollment dates are available on the academic calendar.
    • Add/drop: The typical add/drop period lasts for ten days after the open enrollment ends. Adding/dropping classes after this point requires additional forms and petitions. Instructions for add/drop options.
    • Advisement Service Indicator (ADV): Holds that will prevent students from adding, dropping or editing their class schedule until it is removed by the office which placed the hold. Students can view their advisement service indicator by logging into Pitt Portal Student Center. Instructions for removing a hold.
    • Enrollment Requisites: Restrictions placed on enrollment for a class. Restrictions may include,
      • Pre-requisite (PREQ) - A course or courses that must have been taken and passed in a previous term. In-progress courses will fulfill the prerequisite.
      • Co-requisite (CREQ) - A course that must be taken during the same term as the course for which you are trying to register or has been taken and passed in a prior term.
      • PROG - the school in which you are enrolled (USIS - undergraduate and PSIS - graduate)
      • PLAN - your degree program
      • SBPLAN - your specialization, track, or pathway
    • Permission Number/Code: A number used to override enrollment restrictions (enrollment requisites or class limit). This number is issued by the school or department offering the course. Instructions for obtaining a permission code from SIS.
  3. Enroll in classes. See the Registrar's "Steps to Enrolling" webpage.
  4. Related enrollment details
    • In fall and spring terms, part-time enrollment (undergraduate students: less than 12 credits, graduate students: less than 9 credits) is calculated per credit. If you enroll full-time (undergraduate students: 12 credits or more, graduate students: 9 credits or more), you pay a flat rate. During the summer term, all students are billed per credit. Tuition rates and payment information.
    • Most student immigration visas require international students to be enrolled as a full-time student to remain in the U.S.
    • International students must enroll full-time in their first semester of study.
    • External, non-Pitt transfer credits must be approved by all faculty. Instructions for requesting transfer credits.

All forms and inquiries should be submitted to the Registration Team:
Student Services Office, 5th Floor IS Building
Fax: 412-624-5231