Requesting a permission code for a restricted class

Restricted classes offered in LIS, IS, or Tele include those that require special permission from the instructor for you to be able to enroll. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Courses offered outside of your program (area of study)
    • Courses for which you have not completed the prerequisites
    • Independent Study classes - Dissertation credits, individual research, etc.

To override one or more of the conditions listed above, you must compelete the appropriate steps below (Graduate classes or Undergraduate classes).


ALL STUDENTS NOTE: Neither the instructor nor Mary Koller are obligated to override the restrictions if it is not appropriate for you to enroll in the class.

If a class is full, you must enroll in the class waitlist. To see more information about how waitlists work, please visit the Registrar's Enrollment website and/or review the Waitlist FAQ.

For classes offered outside of the iSchool (e.g. CompSci, English Lit, Stats), you must contact the department offering the course. That department will issue its own permission codes. A listing of Pitt departments is available here.

Account Holds - if you have an outstanding bill, never sent in your final transcript when you applied, etc., there may be a hold placed on your account that would prevent you from registering. Check the "holds" section of your Student Center. If you have a hold and do not know who to contact in order to remove it, you may email the Registration Team for more information.

Graduate classes

    1. Complete the online form: " Permission Code Form - Graduate Classes"
    2. Request the instructor's approval to override the class restriction(s)
      • You will receive a confirmation email after completing the permission code form, forward the this email to the class instructor.
      • The instructor will either approve or deny the request, and notify the Registration Team of their decision via email.
    3. Ensure the instructor's approval is submitted to the Registration Team
      • We prefer that the instructor submit their approval directly via email, but in the event that you are unable to reach the instructor by email, you may ask the instructor to sign your printed confirmation email. You would then need to submit the signed confirmation email to the Registration Team in person.
      • Once the instructor provides the Registration Team with consent to override the restrictions, we will process the request within 2 business days and notify you of completion. Additionally, all requests will be processed between the hours of 3-5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

    For all graduate-level practicum or field experience classes, you must follow these instructions in order to receive a registration permission code:

    Undergraduate classes

      1. Complete the online form: "Permission Code Form - Undergraduate Classes"
      2. Get approval to override the class restriction(s)
        • Approval and permission codes are provided by Mary Koller for the undergraduate INFSCI classes.