Planning your course of study

This page provides information relevant to planning your course of study, navigating Pitt's course registration system, and tracking your progress toward completing degree program course requirements.

Please review all of the information below carefully before selecting your classes.

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Course Schedules

Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Summer 2016 Course Schedule

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2016-17 Academic Year: Projected course offerings

Archived course schedules and special topics course descriptions

Use the Course Agent system to select the best courses for you!

Doctoral students here at the iSchool  have created Course Agent to help you design the most effective program of study. This system provides recommendations about specific courses to take based on your career goals, reveals what your peer students thought about each course they have taken, and offers a networking opportunity.

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Course Descriptions by Program


Waitlist FAQ

How the process works:

When seats become available in a closed class section, the class remains closed until a process runs that automatically enrolls students from the waitlist. The class remains closed until the waitlist empties or the enrollment capacity has been met, whichever comes first.

If a student does not meet the criteria to enroll in the class (see FAQ #12), the process will select the next student on the waitlist according to their position number.

Students that were on the waitlist and were not enrolled will maintain their position number. Students will have an opportunity to be auto-enrolled the next time a seat is made available, if they resolve the issue that prevented them from being auto-enrolled previously.

If the waitlist process runs and no students are enrolled, then the class will open and other students will be given the opportunity to enroll (even if there are still students on the waitlist that did not meet the criteria to be auto-enrolled).

If there are no students on the waitlist, the class will open as usual when seats are made available.

Students will be notified via their campus email address daily, after university business hours, if they have been successfully enrolled in a previously waitlisted course. If students are auto-enrolled in classes after the daily emails have been sent, they will be notified after university business hours the following day.

It is recommended that students monitor their class schedules frequently, if waiting to be enrolled in a class.