Advising Information

Graduate and undergraduate students can adjust their schedules online even after they have registered, from the time of their appointment date through the drop/add period (usually around the end of the first or second week of the semester).

Undergraduate students:

Your academic advisor is Mary Koller. Undergraduates MUST meet with Mary before they will be allowed to register (even if their appointment date has passed). Mary (or a staff member on her behalf) then removes the advising hold, student cannot remove this hold themselves. Please consult the undergraduate advising policies for details about advising.

Graduate students:

Graduate students will be allowed to register online once they reach their enrollment appointment date, regardless of whether or not they have already met with their academic advisor.

However, they still need to follow the University graduate advising policies and the advising policies and recommendations of their program.

In essence, this means that graduate students do not necessarily need to meet with their advisors before their enrollment appointment date; they may use the plan of study for their program to register for classes, but they should confirm that their schedule is appropriate directly with their advisor if there are any doubts. Also, graduate students need to meet with the academic advisors on a schedule communicated to them by their program/advisor but bounded by University graduate advising policies.

For continuing graduate students:

Your academic advisor is listed in the self-service section of

For new graduate students:

You should have received a letter informing you of the identity of your academic advisor when you were admitted.

If you do not remember who your advisor is, please email The Student Services Team to find out who your advisor is.

If you know your advisor but have lost your advisor's contact information, you can visit this Web site for faculty contact information.