Changing your specialization

Master's and Undergraduate students in the iSchool can choose a specialization, which is a group of courses that allows you to concentrate your studies in a specific area within your degree. No specializations are printed on diplomas, however, some appear on transcripts.

BSIS students:

Your specialization does not show up on your transcript or your diploma, but you can certainly choose to document it on your resume. There is no formal process for changing your specialization - you simply work it out out based on the required course list and consultation with your BSIS advisor.

Master's students:

You chose your specialization when you applied to your program. Some specializations have a formal review process and appear on your transcript.

If you wish to change specializations, this is typically not a problem, but there are a select few that are direct admission and do not allow transfers in for current students. Also, a switch may entail the completion of additional coursework (if not made very early on in your studies). Here are the procedures for switching specializations:

  1. Fill in the plan of study for the specialization you'd like to enter.
  2. Set up a meeting with a faculty advisor associated with the specialization you would like to enter to find out of the change is possible. Bring a copy of the change of specialization form for the advisor to sign.
  3. Submit the completed plan of study and signed change of specialization form to the Registration Team. We will accept a paper form, email to, or fax (1-412-624-5231).

Note, if you do not complete a change of specialization form and you do not meet the requirements for graduation within the specialization marked on your academic record, the administrative staff will automatically update your academic record to the "general" specialization. In this case, no specialization will appear on your transcripts.