School of Information Sciences

Career & Internship Expo

For Students

The Career & Internship Expo offers a great opportunity to learn about different companies hiring information professionals, search for jobs and internships, and network with employers. To prepare for the Expo, submit your resume to the SIS Resume Book and review the following resources.

SIS Resume Book
Submit your resume to the SIS Resume Book, which is shared with employers each semester.

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

Learn how to properly format your resume, arrange key information, and showcase your skills.

Resume Reviews from SIS Alumni
Connect with SIS alumni to review your resume or take part in a mock phone interview.

Career Fair Tips
Learn how to work a career fair, courtesy of the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance.

For Employers

The Career & Internship Expo is open to employers in technical and non-technical industries. This event is exclusively attended by SIS undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Information Sciences, Library & Information Science, and Telecommunications & Networking.

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