Zadorozhny work wins Best Paper Award at Mobile Data Management


Vladimir Zadorozhny, Associate Professor at the iSchool, co-authored a paper which was honored with the Best Paper Award at the Mobile Data Management (MDM) Conference, held in July 2012 in Bengaluru, India. The paper, An Efficient, Robust, and Scalable Trust Management Scheme for Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks, was written by Yi Ren, Zadorozhny, Vladimir A. Oleschuk, and Frank Y. Li. MDM is an international conference showcasing research in mobile data management, hosting presentations from researchers, engineers, practitioners, developers and users.

Zadorozhny’s paper explores the nature of Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs), which are characterized by long periods of disconnected operation and fixed or irregular intervals between visits to the sink. The authors propose a trust management scheme for UWSNs in order to provide efficient, robust and scalable trusted data storage. For trusted data storage, they employ geographic hash tables to efficiently identify data storage nodes and to significantly reduce storage costs. They demonstrate, through detailed analyses and extensive simulations, that the proposed scheme is efficient, robust, and scalable.

The research for this publication was undertaken in 2011, when Zadorozhny was the recipient of the Leiv Eiriksson Fellowship by the Norwegian Research Council. The Leiv Eiriksson Mobility Programme is a highly-competitive initiative designed to attract top-level researchers to Norway and to strengthen the long-term escalation of R&D collaboration between Norway and countries within North America. Dr. Zadorozhny spent his Fellowship term at the University of Agder in Norway, conducting research on efficient data processing, privacy, and security in large scale information networks. Dr. Zadorozhny’s research interests include networked information systems, complex adaptive systems, query optimization in resource-constrained distributed environments, wireless and sensor data management, and scalable architectures for wide-area environments with heterogeneous information servers.