News / iSchool Faculty and students to present at iConference 2011


Many of the faculty and students here at Pitt’s iSchool will present at the 2011 iConference, to be held in February in Seattle.  The iConference is an annual gathering of teaching faculty, researchers and professionals from universities and corporations which focus on the interaction between people, information, and technology. In this, the sixth annual conference, presentations and workshops will showcase the diversity in research interests and approaches at the various iSchools, demonstrating how the field creates leadership and impact on a global scale. For more information about the iConference, please visit

The following faculty and students will be participating in the iConference 2011 program:

  • Danielle Lee , Peter Brusilovsky: Improving Recommendations Using Watching Networks in a Social Tagging System
  • Daqing He, Jiepu Jiang, Kim Thien Vo (with Dan Wu and Wuyi Dong): Scientific Research in iSchools: Status and Implications
  • Sherry Koshman: iSchool Agenda: Mobile Context Research and Teaching
  • Ronald Larsen (with Christine Borgman, Matthew Mayernik, Ronald Larsen, Robert Glushko, Jess Hemerly): Information Organization meets Information Retrieval: Rethinking the iSchool core -- Panel
  • Leanne Bowler, Daqing He, Wan Yin Hong:  Who is referring teens to health information on the Web? Hyperlinks between blogs and health web sites for teens
  • Cory Knobel (with Stasa Milojevic, Selma Sabanovic, Cassidy Sugimoto, Phillip Edwards, David Hakken): iSchools as bridges between Scientometrics and STS – Roundtable
  • Shaopeng Zhang, Wei Jeng: Designing public touchscreen display system for iSchool community -- Poster
  • Jae-wook Ahn: Guiding Educational Resources for iSchool Students with Topic-based Adaptive Visualization -- Poster
  • Rebecca Jane Morris: “Major Stewards of Storytelling": Pre-Service Librarians' Perspectives on Librarians' Role in 21st Century Storytelling -- Poster