News / Compete to enter Wuhan University's Information Literacy Summer Camp


Students here at the iSchool are invited to compete for entry to Wuhan University's Information Literacy Summer Camp. Wuhan University School of Information Management, a member of the iSchool Caucus, is organizing an international information literacy summer camp that will be held between July 11-19, 2010, in Wuhan China. Students -- from any degree program -- from the iSchool may be selected to participate. The deadline to apply is May 5, 2010.

This event includes several different competitions (including the information literacy competition), many cultural exchange activities, and a tour to the breathtaking Three Gorges. The winner of the information literacy competition will also be given a monetary award. More information about this event can be found at

This summer camp will provide student leaders with an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas about international talents, development of student organizations, and essential skills for leadership -- in the context of globalization. In light of the growing globalization of business and society, student organizations from the top universities in China are seeking out intellectual exchanges and cooperation with their colleagues overseas. This exchange camp is a great opportunity for student leaders from all over the world to:

  • learn from each other,
  • improve their organizing and management skills,
  • sharpen their thinking and communication skills,
  • and enhance their conflict management skills in light of cultural differences.

To support this event, Wuhan University will be responsible for the costs of all local events, transportation within Wuhan, insurance, hotel, and excursions. The iSchool at Pitt, as well as the iSchool Caucus, will donate the cost of travel between Pittsburgh and Wuhan for selected student(s).

Dr. Daqing He is the faculty liaison for the iSchool-Wuhan University partnership. To be considered for this competition, send him your application package which should include a cover letter that states your intention/ability to participate in the Summer Camp, the application form (link below) as well as your updated CV. All questions and applications should be sent to

Wuhan Poster | Event Schedule | Application Form

The deadline for the application is May 5, 2010.