News / Anthony Debons Offers Course, Summer 2008




Dr. DebonsSIS is pleased to announce that Professor Anthony Debons, one of the early founders of the Information Science discipline,  will teach a landmark course in the Summer Term of 2008.  This course, LIS 2970: Introduction to Information Science, will discuss the key concepts about the human and technological aspects of data, information and knowledge that are the foundations of Information Science.  The course will be offered on-campus and via the FastTrack MLIS Program, an online platform for Library and Information Science education. 

This course will examine the evolution of the discipline, contemporary research efforts, professional associations that foster the area of interest, and the future of careers and research in the field of study.  The system point of view will be emphasized to provide a structure for the course.  This view uses a living organism as a conceptual model for identifying the essential elements that define augmented data, information and knowledge (ADIK systems).  Information systems are comprised of events, inputs, and transmission processing.  The course will examine the knowledge subsystem which includes decision making, problem solving, and communications.  Dr. Debons will highlight the role of the library as well as technological developments in ADIK processing – he will also focus on the human factors which govern all ADIK systems.

Dr. Debons has been researching and teaching in the Information Science field since 1967.  His contributions to the discipline are numerous and critical to the development of educational programs about Information Science.  His research interests include measurement of information and knowledge; the organization of information and knowledge for creativity; and theories and principles for the analysis and design of information/knowledge systems.  His publications include Information Science:  An Integrated View with E. Horne and S. Cronenweth in 1988.  The book was honored with the Best Book Award from the American Society of Information Science.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity to study with Dr. Debons (either on-campus or on-line), please register for LIS 2970: Introduction to Information Science.