SIS Council


SIS CouncilAs part of its reorganization, SIS has created a new governing body, the SIS Council.  The Council serves as the primary voice of the faculty, staff and students with regard to governing the school. More information about the SIS Council can be found at  Eleven elected members, including two student representatives, will meet monthly. Council will:

  • Act for and represent the faculty, staff, and students in making recommendations to the Dean on major issues of the School;
  • Serve as the School’s planning and budgeting committee;
  • Develop and/or review policies, guidelines, and procedures to support scholarship, research, teaching, and service;
  • Develop and/or review policies, guidelines, and procedures in areas such as personnel, terms and conditions of employment, budget plans for the School, resources, and diversity enhancement;
  • Establish committees as needed to develop and implement policies and procedures related to the above areas;

The members of the current SIS Council are:
Voting Members

  • Cox, Richard
  • Detlefsen, Ellen
  • Druzdzel, Marek
  • Gillespie, Sara
  • Hirtle, Stephen
  • Koshman, Sherry
  • Lindemann, Leah
  • Munro, Paul
  • Perkoski, Bob
  • Shaffer, Kelly
  • Thompson, Richard

Non-voting Members

  • Biagini, Mary K.
  • Benedek, Theresa
  • Koller, Mary (staff alternate)
  • Larsen, Ron
  • Loether, Carolyn
  • Washington, Marsha
  • Weiss, Martin