Dr. Amanda Spink's book


photo of Dr. Amanda Spink holding her new bookCongratulations to Dr. Amanda Spink and co-author Dr. Bernard J. Jansen on their newly published book: Web Search: Public Searching of the Web. Drs. Amanda Spink and Bernard J. Jansen have worked together since 1997 on Web research studies and are currently analyzing data from the Vivisimo Web search engine. The book is one of the first manuscripts that address the human - system interaction of Web searching in a thorough and complete manner. The authors provide an examination of the nature and trends in Web searching from multiple levels of analysis, from theoretical overview to detailed study of term usage, and integrate these different levels of analysis into a coherent picture of how people locate information on the Web using search engines.

It has already sold more than 200 copies and has peeked curiosity with many people including Business Week.

We are very pleased that Dr. Spink is a member of the SIS faculty and wish her continued success with future teaching, research, and publishing.