March 2014

The iSchool Experience: A Panel on Careers, Curricula and Community
Tuesday, March 25 | 5—7 pm, 3rd floor iSchool student space
A panel of iSchool faculty, staff, and alums will provide multiple perspectives on growing the iSchool and building a sustainable academic, professional, and alumni network.  The iSchool comprises many different populations, and the panel will discuss what we as a community can do to leverage these differences as strengths for social, intellectual, and professional gain.  This event was implemented and sponsored by SISGO, SAASC, SCALA, and ASIS&T.  

Tips for Technical Job Interviews
Wednesday, March 26 | 11 am—12:30 pm, 3rd floor iSchool student space
Many job interviews relevant to graduates of our School entail not only specific technical questions but require job applicants to write code or solve a technical issue during the interview.  At this session, three of our graduate students (Andrii Cherniak, Sherry Sahebi, and Saman Taghavi Zargar) and one faculty member (Dmitriy Babichenko) will share their experiences with this process and will demonstrate samples of what they have had to do as part of their interviews for jobs and internships.

iMovie Tutorial
Friday, March 28 | 11 am—12:30 pm, 3rd floor iSchool student space
Tom Robinson, MSIS student and member of the winning team of the iFest Bots and Books challenge this year, created a video of their winning entry that has gone viral.  At this session, Tom will provide an introduction to using iMovie to create polished and engaging videos like his.