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Leave of Absence (Time off)

A student may need to take a term (semester) or more off from school. These reasons may include financial challenges, family issues, personal issues, health, etc. The University calls this a "leave of absence" and allows such a break in class enrollment for up to one calendar year before the student's direct association with the University expires.  The student returns to the University without penalty.

Before taking a leave of absence

A student may petition their department faculty for a leave of absence by completing the Leave of Absence form. The purpose of this form is to set alerts in our academic tracking system and to keep all relevant parties informed of your academic plans (ie, advisors and staff).  Before completing the form, consider the circumstances of your request, the length of leave desired, and your plan for completing the degree upon your return. Official approval is required for leaves of two terms or more and are conveyed by the Department Chair.  Approval is generally not given for more than one year and the approval may be conditional.

Things to consider when taking a leave of absence:

Steps to follow:

  1. Complete the Leave of Absence form.
  2. If taking two or more terms of leave, wait for and confirm receipt of departmental approval.
  3. If registered for the term in which the leave has been granted, either;

**International students in the U.S. on student visitor visas who choose to take a leave of absence during a fall and/or spring term may not remain in the U.S. during the leave of absence.  To find out how this can affect your immigration status, please schedule an appointment with the Office of International Services.  If you have already decided to take a Leave of Absence and/or have departed the US, please complete the Departure Notification e-form by logging in to My OIS.**

Returning to the school after a leave

It will be the student's responsibility to meet the conditions of their leave. The student must notify the school in writing (e-mail) at least one month prior to the end of leave or when otherwise requested indicating their intention to return to the school.

We advise you to review the dates and deadlines for enrollment using the University's Academic Calendar and allow yourself enough time to sort out any course advising and account updates that you may need.

If the student fails to notify the school through the appropriate channels or goes beyond the time of leave granted, the student will not be eligible to return automatically and must apply for readmission.

Steps to follow:

  1. E-mail the appropriate contact at least one month prior to the end of the leave and await confirmation that your student account is active. Your account must be active before you will be able to log-in to University resources such as the SIS Intranet and You must complete this step first.
    • Graduate students notify the Academic Administrator at
    • Undergraduate students notify their advisor, Mary Koller at
  2. Review the class schedules, complete a plan of study, and contact your academic advisor to discuss your plan for completing the degree within the statute of limitations.
  3. Enroll in classes using the University's online enrollment system, > Student Center > Enroll.

Extensions: If you need to extend your leave of absence, you must submit a new leave of absence form at least one month before the initial end date of your leave.

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