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Digital Libraries Colloquium Series

Sponsored by the School of Computer Science-Carnegie Mellon University, the School of Information Sciences-University of Pittsburgh, the University Library System-University of Pittsburgh, the University Libraries-Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Lowry Burgess, Lynn Holden and Jeffrey Jacobson

"Muses in the Library II: The Reality of the Virtual"

Abstract:In great libraries of the past, an individual was surrounded by a vast structure of statues, paintings, frescoes, architecture and gardens, in which mythic and historic meanings of knowledge were encoded. The person was immersed in significant context.

Now, rich frameworks of context can be projected through computer-based virtuality, changing/enhancing the dynamic relationships of the mind to collected objects.

Experience a library of the future, in which central truths of ancient Egyptian culture will be revealed in a large-projection environment. The "Virtual Egyptian Temple" is part of Lynn Holden's "Virtual Ancient Egypt" (VAE), a digital learning system. Jeffrey Jacobson will talk about VAE¹s connections to electronic libraries, demonstrate visual interfaces to pure information, and reveal how visual interfaces help to create a coherent digital library.

Bios: Lowry Burgess is an internationally renowned environmental artist/poet and educator, professor of art and former dean of the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon, a fellow in the Studio for Creative Inquiry, a member of the Center for the Arts and Society, and a staunch library supporter and patron.

Dr. Lynn Holden (D. Phil., Yale) is an Egyptologist with extensive museum and academic experience. He provided content direction for the Virtual Egyptian Temple and was a principal designer for the Egypt Hall exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Jeffrey Jacobson is a doctoral candidate at the School of Information Sciences. His research focus is in the use of virtual reality for museum and classroom education. See


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