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Digital Libraries Colloquium Series

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Lillian Cassel

"Designing Digital Libraries for Educational Applications"


Abstract:Dr. Cassel will describe the application of digital libraries to support education. Specific attention to the NSD National Science Digital Library (NSDL) will be balanced with a broader presentation of the requirements of the education application and the challenges of addressing those requirements. The requirements analysis will be rooted in the 5S theory of digital library specification. The role of a computing ontology in presenting the content of a computing education DL will complete the presentation.


Bio: Dr. Lillian Cassel is professor of computing sciences at Villanova and director of the master’s level programs in computing. She has served as chair of the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education and as chair of the ABET Computing Accreditation Commission. She is currently a member of the ACM Education Board where she chairs a group looking into Master's level programs in computing and another charged with developing an ontology of all of computing.  Initially interested in computer networks and network protocols, she moved to Web and Web-based information access. Her interest in digital libraries began about 10 years ago during a term as rotator for computing in the NSF EHR Division of Undergraduate Education. 

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