School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

Security analyst

Sample job description:

The successful candidate responsibilities include administering and managing various aspects of the client application and network security infrastructure. The incumbent will support the information systems security officer in the development, implementation, and adherence to information security governance, risk assessment, and information security and response management. Specifically in the following areas:


Core courses
Introduction to Information Systems and Society (0010)
Object-Oriented Programming 1 for Information Science (0017)
Database Management Systems (1022)
Introduction to Telecom and Networks (1070)
Information Systems and Analysis (1024)
Human Factors in System Design (1044)

Applications of Networks
Second course in telecommunications and networks. Network architecture, protocols, performance, design, and analysis based on application needs, organizational requirements, user requirements, and performance objectives.

Computer Security
Overview of information security. Principles of security including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Operating systems and database security concepts. Basic cryptography and network security concepts. Secure software design and application security. Evaluation standards and security management. Social, legal, and ethical issues. Human factors in security.

Network Security
Network security and cryptographic protocols. Network vulnerabilities, attacks on TCP/IP, network monitoring, security at the link, and network and transport layers. Cryptography, e.g., secret and public key schemes, message authentication codes and key management. WLAN security, IPSec, SSL, and VPNs. E-mail security (PGP, S/MIME), Kerberos, X.509 certificates, AAA and Mobile IP, SNMP security, firewalls, filters, and gateways. Policies and implementation of firewall policies, stateful firewalls, and firewall appliances. Network-related physical security, risk management and disaster recovery/contingency planning issues and housekeeping procedures.


The Capstone Course


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