School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

Transfer process

Transferring into the iSchool can occur from within the University of Pittsburgh as an internal transfer, from any school in the country as an external transfer, or as an international student transfer. Review the University's transfer guidelines for more detailed information.


Students already enrolled at Pitt may apply to the information science program simply by meeting with your current advisor and completing the:

Your advisor will submit the forms to the School of Information Sciences, and they will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Decisions usually are made within two weeks.


Students who are transferring from other institutions should visit the University of Pittsburgh's transfer site.


International students should visit the University's Office of Admissions and Financial Aid to learn how to complete an application.

As part of the admissions review process, the chair of the undergraduate Information Science program (or designate) will review transcripts from students’ originating institution for acceptance or denial of transfer credits.  Additionally, the application process and number of transfer credits allowed are dictated by University transfer student policies.

Postbaccalaureate and Guest Students

Postbaccalaureate and guest students are holders of bachelor’s degrees who have been permitted to take additional undergraduate course work as nondegree students. The number of credits that may be taken by nondegree, postbaccalaureate students is limited to a maximum of 12.

Guest students are students who are matriculated in degree programs elsewhere but who, with the permission of their home schools, wish to take courses in the information science program. The expectation is that credit thus earned will be transferred to the home school to be used in satisfying degree requirements. The home school must certify that the proposed arrangement is satisfactory before such a student will be admitted. Suspended or dismissed students, even with their home school’s permission, cannot be admitted as guest students. Guest student status is not usually granted for more than two terms.

Application forms for admission as either a nondegree postbaccalaureate or guest student are available from the SIS office. Acceptance cannot be granted until all necessary materials have been received, including the completed application form, official transcripts, and application fee. The deadlines for application for special students are August 1 for fall term, December 1 for spring term, and April 1 for summer term admissions.

Second Degree Program

Those who already have received a Baccalaureate degree and wish to earn a BSIS degree are encouraged to apply to the BSIS office in Room 720 IS Building.

If you’ve received a Baccalaureate degree from the University of Pittsburgh within the last 12 years, you need to contact the Undergraduate Advisor. You will need to submit your official transcripts for any degrees earned.

If you earned a Baccalaureate degree from an institution other than the University of Pittsburgh within the last 12 years, you will need to complete a Transfer Application and submit any requested fees. Visit the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid for more details.

City of Opportunities

Pittsburgh is big enough that opportunities—for internships, jobs, and access to a rich cultural scene as well as the outdoors—abound.