School of Information Sciences - Undergraduate Program

User-centered design

INFSCI 1052 User-Centered Design

Introduces principles and programming of interactive systems. Interaction techniques are surveyed and incorporated in the design of interfaces. Prerequisites: INFSCI 0017, and INFSCI 1042 or INFSCI 1044

INFSCI 1014 Graphics

Familiarization with some of the techniques for producing graphical displays by computer will be studied. The skills necessary to design and create computer graphics as well as an artistic and technical knowledge of what makes a good graphic will be investigated. Prerequisites: INFSCI 0017

INFSCI 1059 Web Programming

The course will cover programming concepts, client server architecture, database access and XHTML/Cascading style sheets. Students will write a full scale web application as their final project.

INFSCI 1092 Special Topics: Systems

Advanced class focusing on a current or specialized topic in the systems area. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor required