School of Information Sciences - Telecommunications and Networking Program


Master of Science in Telecommunications (MST)

The MST program is a 37-credit degree program that can be completed in one year of full-time study or as many as four years of part-time study. Prerequisites for admission to the MST program include mastery of computer programming in at least one scientific programming language, probability (a three-credit course), and calculus (a three-credit course). This program also offers specializations in telecommunications systems, computer networks, policy and management, wireless, or security, or choose to become a telecommunications generalist.

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)

The 24-credit CAS provides personalized program of studies beyond the MST degree. Designed for people who do not wish to pursue the PhD degree, it enables post-master's-level students to explore a specific field of interest or to update skills and competencies. The CAS is an ideal way to refresh proficiencies and gain expertise in the most current areas of professional interest.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD program prepares you for advanced work in research and teaching, providing research-oriented graduate study and professional specialization in the science of telecommunications. Candidates must demonstrate evidence of superior scholarship and mastery of a specialized field of knowledge, and they also must show evidence of their ability to do significant and relevant research. Our PhD graduates are members of faculties at universities around the world, as well as senior researchers in public and private enterprises. If you are interested in doctoral study, you would benefit from meeting with potential faculty advisors before applying to the program.

Non-Degree Students

Prospective students may apply as a "non-degree" in order to enroll in graduate-level classes at the School of Information Sciences. These students take classes without the promise or expectation of earning either a degree or Certificate. If such students should decide to go on and earn a graduate degree or Certificate within the School, they must apply to the specific degree program and will be held accountable for meeting all admission requirements for the chosen Master’s Degree or Certificate Program.  Please note that only 6 credit hours taken as a "non-degree" will be accepted towards the Master's Degree or Certificate.

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