Emergency Loans

If students have exhausted all other financial resources and are facing significant hardships, they can speak to their advisors about requesting one of the iSchool emergency loans listed below:

  • Belle-Sochatoff Student Loan Fund
  • Dr. Kate Kolish Memorial Loan Fund
  • William Philpot Greer Loan Fund

Requesting an Emergency Loan


  • Student typically needs to be a full-time student and must be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in one of the School's programs.
  • Students are eligible for only one emergency loan.
  • Loan amounts able to be granted typically range from $2,000 - $4,000

1) The student should explain to their advisor how they meet the emergency loan criteria. For example, their loan is coming, but is arriving late. The student should state the negative consequences of the lateness of the loan, how much the student needs to cover the shortfall, and how he/she will be able to pay back the emergency loan once the student loan is applied.

2) If the advisor agrees with the student's assessment and verifies that the student is in good academic standing, the advisor emails a statement to this effect to the Director of Student Services.

3) The student then needs to submit a signed document to the Director of Student Services stating the:

  • circumstances of the emergency
  • amount requested
  • a detailed budget proposal and requested terms of repayment
  • term to which the loan is applied
  • student's demographic info (PeopleSoft ID, local address, marital status)
  • student's academic info (anticpated graduation term, number of credits earned to date, number of credits being taken during the semester in which the emergency loan will be applied)
  • School Code (135)

4) If approved, the Director of Student Services drafts a letter of support to the Student Payment Center indicating which student loan fund will be used to grant the loan and gives a copy of this letter to the student.

5) The student and the Director of Student Services complete a Truth in Lending form which the student signs. A copy is given to the student.

6) The Director of Student Services emails the contents of the letter of support to University Collections and includes the budget and fund sources information (the School's Financial Aid Coordinator has this information), and University Collections initiates the loan.

7) From the time University Collections initiates the loan, it may take approximately two weeks until the money is applied to the student account.