Proof of enrollment/work completed/graduation

Proof of enrollment

The Registrar is the only source at the University to provide legal proof of enrollment (for example, you need this for health insurance, an employer, or an embassy). For students to obtain proof, they should contact the Transcript/Certification office at: 412-624-7635, explain their needs, and ask how to have proof of enrollment documented, or visit G-3 Thackeray Hall to explain their needs.

In the registration area of the 5th floor of the IS building, Student Services also has paper records of all graduates going back at least to 1963, but the Registrar would be the official legal source of documenting student registration.

Proof of graduation

Legal proof a student has graduated takes the form of either the diploma or a transcript (see below). In cases where a student needs to provide a reasonable guarantee to an employer that they will graduate at the end of the current semester, the student needs to do the following:

  1. Make sure she/he has applied for graduation
  2. Ask his/her academic advisor to send an email stating that the student is on track to graduate to the following:
  3. Provide the above contact with the employer's name and address, and a letter will be sent with this text to the employer

Transcripts/proof of work completed

The Registrar is the official source for legally documenting academic work students have completed, and this documentation is in the form of a transcript. Students who need a transcript must follow the instructions set forth by the Registrar as listed on the Registrar's transcript Web page.

Please note: Requests must be written and include the signature of the student (they cannot be made via email). Transcript requests can not be honored for students with financial holds. If you wish to speak to someone from the Transcript Office, please call 412-624-7660 or 412-624-7635.


If a diploma is lost, please access this Web site and use the "diploma reorder form."