Leave of absence, 1 year or less, without stopping the clock

  1. Before the start of the term (semester) in which you want to take the leave, call the Office of Student Accounts official resignation phone number: 1-412-624-7585 to resign from any classes you may have scheduled for that upcoming term.
  2. Fax (412-624-5231) or email (undergrads:Mary Koller, grads: registration@sis.pitt.edu) a letter signed by you to and explain why you need to take the leave, how long you intend to be gone, and what term you plan to return. You need to include your term of return so we know when to activate your email again for online registration. Student Services will put this letter in your file.
  3. The folks at registration@sis.pitt.edu email Mark Steggert to request that your email account be activated three months before your term of return. Please note: If you never notified us of your leave to begin with, please email registration@sis.pitt.edu to request a reactivation of your email account and to be reactivated in your program.
  4. If you take this option and decide to take off for more than one calendar year, a return is still very possible, but graduate students would actually need to reapply to their intended program (and pay the application fee), and undergraduates would need to contact Mary Koller.
  5. After you have either been reactivated or have re-applied, contact your advisor (undergrads: Mary Koller, grads: here is a list of faculty) before the start of the term in which you will be returning to discuss what classes you wish to take. You will need to use the online registration system to register for classes.