Petitioning for a leave of absence that stops the clock and/or is greater than one calendar year

  1. Before the start of the term (semester) in which you want to take the leave, call the Office of Student Accounts official resignation phone number: 1-412-624-7585 to resign from any classes you may have scheduled for that upcoming term.
  2. Submit a letter signed by you to the chair of your program (LIS - Sheila Corrall, IS - Peter Brusilovsky, Tele - David Tipper, BSIS - Bob Perkoski) that explains:
    • why you need to take the leave
    • how long you intend to be gone and what term you plan to return
    • what special circumstances warrant you being gone for longer than 1 year and/or what special circumstances warrant that the statute of limitates clock be stopped.
  3. The program chair, if she/he approves, will email that the leave is approved and will indicate for how long the leave is approved and for how long the clock should be stopped. The registration folks will notify our Admissions Coordinator, Ninette Kay, so she can readmit you into the program.
  4. At least three months before the start of the return term, you will need to email to ask thatyou be reactivated in the system and your Pitt email account restored so you can register for classes.
  5. Student services will reactivate (i.e. term activate) you in PeopleSoft ( and ask Mark Steggert to reactivate your email account.
  6. After you have been reactivated, you should contact your advisor (undergrads: Mary Koller, grads: here is a list of faculty) to discuss what classes you wish to take. You will need to use the online registration system to register for classes.