Changing your advisor

Typically this would only be necessary if you change programs or tracks. Here are the steps to take:

  1. If you are contemplating a change of program or track, talk this over with your current advisor.
  2. If you decide you do want to switch, set up a meeting with the person you hope to be your new advisor.
  3. Print out this advisor change form and bring it with you to the meeting for the new advisor to sign (if that person agrees to be your advisor).
  4. After you and your advisor sign the form, bring it to Marcy Walls at the front desk on the 5th floor of the IS Building, who will institute the change.

Note: if you are doing this remotely, you can ask your new advisor what their fax number is and fax them the form. If they sign the form, they can drop it off or one of you can fax it to Marcy at 1-412-624-5231.