Implementing a New Program/Specialization

Whether for a Master's or Certificate program, online, or on-campus, here are the steps that need to be initiated (this presupposed the program/specialization has been approved internally within the School).

There are two types of new proposals - one that will appear on the student's transcript once completed, and one that will only be tracked and advertised internally. For those that will appear on the transcript, all steps below must be followed. For those that are internal, only steps 4-7 need to be followed.


  1. Faculty draft a proposal that is submitted to the Provost for approval.

  2. If approved, the Provost asks the Registrar to create the new program/specialization in the system.

  3. Once created, the Registrar notifies the School. This typically would come to the Dean's Office and the lead faculty on the proposal.

  4. The lead faculty then submit this form to Student Services for each program/specialization approved in order to have the application, registration, and marketing/recruitment resources implemented.

  5. Student Services adds the new program/specialization to the Apply Yourself application system and notifies staff responsible for marketing and recruitment.

  6. Recruitment and marketing strategies will be openly built/conducted for the program/specialization.

  7. The School's Web site is updated to reflect this information.