Grade Submission instructions

1) Go to - the PeopleSoft folks recommend you use Internet Explorer to do so

2) Right below the "Faculty Center login" link is a "learn more" link. Select this link and then watch the video or read the .pdf file under the heading "recording final student grades online."

3) To access your grade roster, select the "Faculty Center login," then "Self-Service," then "Faculty Center," then "Grade Roster," and follow the instructions.

A few considerations:

* University grading system definitions and grade points can be found here.

* If a student you had approved for a drop of your class is still showing up on your roster, rather than waiting to submit the roster, you can always assign a "G" to that student for the time being in order to allow the roster to be submitted. A grade change for that student to a "W" can always then be submitted at a later date.

* Deadlines for when you can begin submitting grades and when grades are due are indicated on the Registrar's grades calendar.

* If you have a class that is cross-listed (either between two departments or a subset as undergrad and a subset as grad), it may show up as two separate rosters, in which case you would need to submit grades for both.

* If you have a TA to whom you have given grading privileges, that TA can assign grades in the "Ready for Review" status, and then you use the "Approved" status to approve them.