Submitting a grade change

If you need to process a change of grade for a student, you can obtain the forms at the front desk on the 5th floor or e-mail

Once you complete the necessary information, submit the form to the student workers on the 5th floor.

From there, Student Services obtains the appropriate dean's signature, sends the original to G-3 Thackeray and keeps a copy at the front desk. You will receive a confirmation from when Student Services sends the form over to the Registrar's office.

There are times when even a slight error on the form means that the Registrar will not process the form, and Student Services is not always notified if the grade change is not processed, so we use the copies at the front desk to check for completion.

If the grade change does not get processed after a few weeks, we follow up with the Registrar.

If it does get processed, we mark it as such and put the copy of the grade change form in the student's file.