Logging into AY to view applications

Hobson's Apply Yourself is the vendor-based online system the School of Information Sciences uses to:

  • collect graduate students applications to the School electronically
  • track applications and notify graduate students when pieces are missing (in concert with another Hobson's product, Connect)
  • allow graduate students to log in and monitor the progress of their applications
  • grant all SIS faculty electronic access to these applications
  • ultimately allow faculty to review applications and make admissions decisions online

For faculty to access AY, please go to this site:

To look for individual applicants, you can select "search for applicants" and then you can search using any parameters listed on that page.

If you would like to have some queries built for you to search in the aggregate, please see Wes Lipschultz in 503 IS, and he can show you what is available and set up a query folder for you.

You can also click on the "Training" tab to access both online instructor-led training and pre-recorded online training, or you can work with Wes to get started as well.