Advisor Assignment Process

Immediately upon being offered admission, a new student is notified electronically of her/his advisor. This information is also contained in the paper copy of the offer of admission letter sent to each new student.

However, the new student will not show up in the PeopleSoft advising roster until he/she registers, at which time Student Services enters the advisor name into the School's internal database and into PeopleSoft.

A unique issue in Peoplesoft is that that student's name will remain on that faculty member's advisee list in PeopleSoft until the student graduates, even if the student changes advisors (in such cases the student will show up on both the old and the new advisor's roster).

If a student does wants to select a new advisor, they must follow this procedure.

If a student still shows up on an advisor's list of advisees even after the student graduates, please email Student Services will then check to see if the student is still listed in our program as active, and if so, will need to mark the plan of study in PeopleSoft as "complete" with an effective date based on when the student graduated.

Also, there are times when a faculty member's PeopleSoft record does not allow students to be assigned to her/him. If this occurs, check with Trudy to make sure the faculty member is on payroll correctly (this is particularly an issue with adjuncts).

If this is not the issue, there may also need to be a change made within PeopleSoft on the instructor/advisor table - there is an advisor check-box on this screen which needs to be checked.