The admissions process

1) The student applies online and electronically submits:

  • an application
  • letters of recommendation
  • transcripts - mailed via paper and imaged by Student Services electronically
  • standardized test scores (when appropriate) - sent by testing agency to Pitt, entered centrally into PeopleSoft, entered into application electronically as well
  • international student supporting documents - paper or electronic
  • financial aid application (varies by program) - electronically as part of the application

2) Theses pieces of the application are compiled, tracked, stored, and distributed in a few ways:

  • Paper file - all pieces are printed, compiled and stored in a paper file by Student Services and stored on the 5th file in locked cabinets.
  • Apply Yourself - This is the vendor-based application system which also serves as an information system for the application materials. Faculty have access to this system, both to search for individual applications and view the pieces of these applications and to query for aggregate lists of applicants.
  • Peoplesoft ( the online application is batch uploaded to Peoplesoft to generate a PeopleSoft ID# and prepare the applicants record for matriculation and registration. Once the applicant registers and becomes a student, you will have access to their student information here.

3) Designated program representatives (the faculty admissions committee) review the applications and make decisions to accept, provisionally admit, or reject:

  • Ninette sends the completed files to the admissions committee for review.
  • The committee members either review the files on paper or use Apply Yourself to review the files.
  • The committee conveys uts decision on each applicant back to Ninette.

4) Ninette marks the admissions decision in Apply Yourself. This triggers a dynamically generated .pdf of the admissions decision letter which applicants can view instantly. Ninette also sends out a paper copy of the admissions decision letter to the applicant. In cases where an offer is made, this triggers an email to be sent to the advisor that an applicant has been offered admission and assigned to them as an advisee.

5) Those with offers are asked to log in to Apply Yourself to accept or reject their offer. If they accept their offer, the advisor is again notified that they accepted their offer.