Karimi edits text on Location-based services


Hassan Karimi, iSchool Professor, has edited a new book on “Advanced Location-based Technologies and Services,” published by CRC Press of the Taylor & Francis Group. The volume offers in-depth explorations of the technologies, new trends, and services involved with location-based services (LBS), written by a diverse group of researchers in areas including telecommunications, GIS, and information assurance and privacy. Location-based services have become pervasive as the number of users of mobile devices have increased and as computing capabilities have become ubiquitous. Students and researchers will benefit from this discussion of the state-of-the-art theories, technologies, and applications in LBS as the field changes rapidly. Information about the book is available at http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466518186.

Other iSchool faculty and students contributed chapters to the book: Associate Professor Prashant Krishnamurthy, Associate Professor James Joshi, Assistant Professor Konstantinos Pelechrinis, PhD student Jessica Benner, and PhD student Amirreza Masoumzadeh. Professor Karimi co-authored several chapters with former students Ming Ren, a research engineer, and Piyawan Kasemsuppakorn, now a faculty member in Thailand. Chapters authored by iSchool personnel cover wide-ranging topics including: WiFi location fingerprinting, location-based social networks, geo-crowdsourcing, pedestrian path generation, wheelchair and pedestrian navigation services, and security and privacy in location-based services. Other authors contributed articles on positioning approaches and technologies, geo-coding in location-based services, the relationship between location-based services and the environment, and location service standards.

Dr. Karimi serves as the lead faculty member for the iSchool’s Geoinformatics Laboratory and for the Geoinformatics specialization in the Graduate Information Science and Technology. The Geoinformatics field explores special techniques, technologies, and tools for the acquisition, processing, management, analysis, and presentation of geospatial data. Dr. Karimi served as an Associate Editor of Journal of Location-Based Services (2006-2011) and as an Associated Editor of ASCE Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering (1998-2005) and is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Computers, Environment and Urban Systems. Dr. Karimi has edited and authored several other books: Telegeoinformatics: Location-Based Computing and Services (Taylor & Francis, 2004); Handbook of Research on Geoinformatics (IGI Global, 2009); CAD and GIS Integration, (Taylor & Francis, 2010); and Universal Navigation on Smartphones (Springer, 2011). For more information about Professor Karimi and the other iSchool contributors, visit www.ischool.pitt.edu.