iSchool faculty and staff gathered on December 7th to recognize graduating students


The iSchool was pleased to host a recognition ceremony on December 7th for those students who registered for graduation in December 2012. The ceremony, hosted by iSchool Dean Ronald L. Larsen, took place at the William Pitt Union on Pitt’s campus. The event permitted the School to personally congratulate each of the 100+ students and to mark the occasion with their family and friends. iSchool faculty members Peter Brusilovsky, Sheila Corrall, Robert Perkoski, and Martin Weiss participated in the ceremony. The president of the School’s Alumni Society, Nancy Alstadt, offered her best wishes to the graduating students and welcomed them to the alumni group, which represents the 13,000+ alumni of the School.

The iSchool is pleased to announce that the following students have successfully completed their program of study:

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Kyle Acquavita

Anthony Alvarez

Jonathan Armstrong

Brittany Bartakovich

Denise Bigelow

Timothy Cain

Patrick Every

MD Nasif Hassan

Daniel Hefley

Hillary Hoover

Yifeng Huang

Joseph Johnson

Meghan Kass

Christopher Martin

Lans Oscar

Jackson Pearson

Anthony Sabilla

Justin Shotsberger

Keija Tian

Julie Wilson

Thomas Wilson

Jessica Yu

Master of Science in Information Science

Jie Chen

Mengyao Chu

Brennen Flaherty

David Galloway

Zilong Huang

Xiao Jin

Chakravarthy Koduru

Lei Lei

Moxuan Li

Han Liao

Xiaolin Lin

Chang Liu

Tong Liu

Joshua McCauley

Rocky Medure

Zhong Miao

Thiagarajan Murugesan

Thomas Pace

Aditya Salunke

Justin Swanson

Miao Tan

Guanda Wang

Yueyue Wang

Xidao Wen

Jiong Zhang

Lei Zhang

Sangiang Zhao

Zheng Zhao

Siping Zheng

Raymie Zychowski

Master of Science in Telecommunications Degree

Marius Cuanda

Marcela Gomez

Ning Li

Yuchen Liu

Ting Lu

Master of Science in Library & Information Science

Joanne Bell

Jessica Boudakian

Milana Capuzzi

Carla Ann Carr

Amy Choate

John Clark

Caitlin Classen

Kimberly Collett

Sarah Davis

Nanette Deremer

Karen Dettloff

Karin Dickens

Vanessa Dorman

Michael Dziabiak

Ruth Erdman

Regina Gentile

Kara Gilbert

Sandra Graver

Robert Guzman

Melanie Hornbeck

Julianne Huber

Patricia Hurley

Rosalinda Linares

Katherine Milan

Erin Miller

Lauren Millikan

Lisa Morein

Robert Nardiello

Simon Rafferty

Laurie Slater

Liangji Wang

Carrie Wardzinski

Traci West

Jennifer Wiley

Patricia Winter

Bingmei Yan

Christa Yenco

Whitney Zernich

Mengjie Zou

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science with a Concentration in Telecommunications

Hammad Iqbal

Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science

Gerald Lincoln

You can enjoy part of the ceremony and reception here.