iSchool honored Summer Graduates at August 3rd Recognition Ceremony

On Friday, August 3rd, the iSchool hosted a ceremony to recognize students who completed their degree programs in June and August 2012. More than 300 attended the ceremony, which was held in the Assembly Room of the William Pitt Union. Faculty, staff, friends and families gathered to honor the 140+ students who successfully earned one of the degrees offered at the iSchool: BSIS, MSIS, MST, MLIS, CAS and PhD.

Dean Larsen, who acted as host for the event, discussed the exciting challenges facing the information professions and reminded graduates of how the School and the University had prepared them to help society successfully address them. Each student was personally congratulated by faculty members and the Dean, and was presented with a memento of this special occasion.  
A representative of the iSchool Alumni Society, Samvith Srinivas, (MSIS ‘04, PhD ‘10), Vice President and President-Elect, addressed the graduates and welcomed them to the body of 13,200+ alumni worldwide. The new alumni were invited to remain a part of the iSchool community by joining the iSchool Alumni Society. The iSchool congratulates these future leaders of the information professions!

Approximately 140 students graduated or registered to graduate as of July 31, 2012.

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Lanette Braxton
Daniel Brown
William Frazier
Yonah Gasa-Gara
Idris Kasumu
Joel Mendelson
Christina Ranalli
Vincent Randazzo
Joshua Riley
Matthew Scholz
Ashley Smith
Brandon Trecki
Jessica Yu

Master of Science in Information Science

Meysam Alizadeh
Dmitriy Babichenko
Hatice Buber
Andrew Entin
Steven Madara
Eric Miller
Aileonokhua Momoh
Ye Peng
Mark Swartz
Andrew Thompson

Master of Science in Telecommunications

Ning Li
Xiao Ma

Master of Science in Library & Information Science

Elizabeth Anderson
Megan Babal
Laura Barkema
Elizabeth Bates
Elizabeth Beckman
Savannah Berg
Marian Buck
Hannah Buckland
Kristi Burgh
Roxanne Cain
Tallie Casucci
Celia Caust-Ellenbogen
Jennifer Chan
Clayton Chowaniec
Seth Ciotti
John Clark
Sally Cooper
Marion Couch
Brian Dawson
Heather Dickerson
Molly Dickerson
Megan Duffy-Johnson
Michelle Dunaway
Sarah Ecklund
Dana Farabaugh
Christopher Faulk
Emily Fear
Dane Flansburgh
Mary Margaret Fletcher
Kathryn Frey
Allison Gallaspy
Eleanor Gehman
Mary Elizabeth Gibbons
Allyson Glazier
Nidya Gonzalez
Elizabeth Grace
Will Gray
Sierra Green
Sara Grubb
Sarah Grzebieniak
Michael Gubicza
Nellie Hankins
Zachary Hay
Nicole Held
Bryce Henry
Caitlin Hieber
Alexandra Hilton
Matthew Hynes

Master of Science in Library & Information Science (continued)

Emily Jaquay
Carolyn Jones
Martha Knuth
Allison Koser
Alexander Kuchta
Dorie Kurtz
Lauren Kwasniewski
Anthony Lindenmuth
Tellina Liu
Ashlie Louie Sochor
Abbey Lukiewski
Kaitlyn Lyons
Rebecca Machado
Sara Mariacher
Nicole McCourt
Cynthia McCoy
Elliot McNally
James McNeil
Johnna Melchiorre
Justine Melone
Bekezela Mguni
Kathleen Monti
Caitlin Morphew
Denise Naumann
Lia Nigro
Erin Nihiser
James Northway
Katherine Nussbaum
Kevin Pardon
Matthew Perrie
Denise Petrik
Rebecca Pfeifer
Leah Picker
Renee Pieschke
Alyson Pope
Kathryn Powell
Lauren Reiter
Pamela Richter
Hannah Rosen
MacKenzie Ross
Julia Rossi
Teresa Scherping
Lynn Schuessler
Anne Schwan
Adam Schwartz
Rachel Sharpe
Lisa Sisco
Stacey Skirpan
Christine Solymossy
Alexis Stapp
Madison Stubblefield
Lauren Stuparitz
Max Sudak
Amberlee Taylor
Christopher Todd
Lea Tomer
Patrick Trainor
Julia Viets
Sarah Voels
Marcus Waide
Jerry Wallace
Rachel Weiss
Laura White
Samuel Wicks
Alexis Yorczyk
Alan Zahorsky

Certificate of Advanced Study in Library & Information Science

Vida Vaughn

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science

I-Han (Sharon) Hsiao

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You can enjoy part of the ceremony and reception here.