Karimi authors book on “Universal Navigation on Smartphones”


Hassan Karimi, Associate Professor at the iSchool, has authored a book on navigation technologies and trends, particularly looking at navigation using Smartphones. The volume covers the development of navigation technology and users’ needs for navigation assistance, the differences in indoor and outdoor navigation, and the need for improved navigation tools.  The volume introduces the concept of “University Navigation Technology” (UNIAVIT), which provides navigation assistance anywhere, at any time and for any user. The potential features and architecture for such a system are discussed, as well as the various devices one might use to take advantage of Universal Navigation. In addition, the book examines social navigation networks which provides location-based services on mobile devices through the input of social networks. Karimi has developed such a system, SoNavNet here at the iSchool: he describes the experience-centric navigation assistance that can be offered through ventures such as SoNavNet.

The book is published by Springer and was released in August 2011. Dr. Karimi is an Associate Professor and the Lead Faculty for the Geoinformatics education and research efforts at the iSchool.