News / Library Trends issue dedicated to the memory of Susan “Leigh” Star

The Spring 2011 issue of Library Trends (Volume 59, #4) was dedicated to the memory of Susan “Leigh” Star, who passed away in 2010.  Professor Star was the Doreen E. Boyce Chair in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Information Sciences. Star was a noted scholar in the fields of library and information science, computer-supported cooperative work, and social informatics.

This publication covers a variety of topics within the scope of Dr. Star’s work: social networks and applications within libraries, digitization of bibliographic materials and protection of cultural property, preservation and digitization of museum and cultural heritage, and the role of the library in helping people to manage their digital information. Several members of the iSchool faculty co-authored an article on “Issues in User-Centered Design,” which explores how user-centered design relates to personal collections, social bookmarking, finding aids, Web interface design, information architecture, visualization systems, and personalization and adaptive search. The article offers insight into the cultural, political and ethical impacts on information system design and how such influences must be addressed in the profession and the classroom. The article was authored by Leanne Bowler, Sherry Koshman, Jung Sun Oh, Daqing He, Bernadette G. Callery, Geoffrey Bowker and Richard J. Cox. It can be viewed at