Cox explores Archival Profession’s Mission and Health


Richard Cox brings his years of experience as an archivist and as the lead faculty member for the Archives, Preservation and Records Management specialization in the iSchool to bear on this exploration of the health and the mission of the archival profession.  “Archival Anxiety and the Vocational Calling,” Cox’s 16th book about his chosen profession, was recently published by Litwin Books LLC. In it, he provides his personal reflections on the evolution of the field and his attraction –calling --to it. 

Cox also discusses government secrecy and how it has permeated the profession, changing its impact and role in society.  He pays particular attention to the National Archives Reclassification scandal, when it was discovered in 2006 that thousands of records have been removed from the Archives by government entities.

Cox addresses archival education in light of the change and controversies racking the profession, offering his personal recommendations to the archival community in charting its future.

For more information about “Archival Anxiety and the Vocational Calling,” please visit Litwin Books at More details about Dr. Cox’s research and teaching can be found here.