News / Congratulations to the April 2009 Graduates!


The iSchool is proud to congratulate the graduates of the Class of April 2009! The graduates were honored at the iSchool’s Recognition Ceremony, held on Sunday, April 26, in Alumni Hall.  The ceremony featured Dr. Kathy Humphrey, Vice Provost and Dean of Students here at the University of Pittsburgh, as the keynote speaker.
The iSchool welcomes these new members to the global community of alumni, which exceeds 12,000 information professionals. Each April graduation ceremony allows the School to recognize all those who have graduated in the preceeding June, August and December terms.  It also provides an opportunity to present a number of honors and awards to those students who excelled academically and professionally while studying at the iSchool. The winners of the student awards included:

  • The Jay Daily Award - Brian Romine, MLIS'09
  • The Ida M. Flynn Award - Kelly Aderhold, BSIS'09 
  • The Fritz Groehlich Award - Aylin Akso, PhD student, Telecommunications
  • The Allen Kent Award - Jon Walker, PhD student, Information Science
  • The Robert R. Korfhage Award - Mark Voortman, PhD student, Information Science
  • The William Z. Nasri Award - Kelly Smith, Master's student, Library & Information Science
  • The Ofiesh Orner Award - Sue Yeon Syn, PhD student, Information Science,
                                          Jon Walker, PhD student, Information Science,
                                          Tingting Jiang, PhD student, Information Science
  • The Jennifer & Eric Spiegel Book Award - Eric Anderson, CGS
  • The SLCP Student Award Finalists - Kate Bednar, Valerie Cummings ('09), Patrick Hickey, Paula Lestini ('09), and Benoni Outerbridge ('09)
  • The SLCP Award Winners - Richard Mistretta ('09) and Maureen Staub ('09)
  • The Sara C. Cohen Award - Kathleen Simms (MLIS FastTrack, '09).

The iSchool faculty, staff and students offer their congratulations to the Class of April 2009!

You can enjoy the festivities at our April 2009 Recognition slide show.

BSIS Degree Program
Aderhold, Kelly 
Anamelechi, Patience 
Antill, Nicholas 
Bevil, Danielle
Buehner, Sandra 
Day, David
Dolan, Michael
Fabry, John
Fischer, Jonathan
Gallino, Michael
Goll, Michael
Kermond, Joshua
Kissell, Adam
Kuhlman, Bradley
Lerner, Justin
Martz, Patrick
McHenry, Jonathan
Mullen, Victor
Napolitan, Eric
Nawn, David
Pearce, Joshua
Reese, Justin
Rose, Christopher
Saiyed, Saba
Sawyers, Joshua
Scheetz, Kevin
Thomas, Jibin
Van Luit, Jeremy
Zimmerman, Benjamin

MSIS Degree Program
Chien, Shih Yi
Dudas, Patrick
Ecoff, Emily
Edwards, Diana
Han, Xiaofeng
Huang, Kuei-Chin
Lee, Alan
Lin, Yen-Guang
Miller, Patrick
Pringgosusanto, Aileen
Sebesta Jr., Barry
Song, Jin
Sun, Yimin
Xu, Ying
Yang, Jiachang
Zeng, Yili

MST Degree Program
Du, Yun
Iqbal, Uzma
Pinder, Cedric
Ren, Yu Qing
Zeng, Yining

CAS in Telecommunications Program
Guzik, Louis

PhD in Telecommunications Program
Calle Torres, Maria
Menon, Pratibha

MLIS Degree Program
Andrews, Rory
Botts, Rita
Bretzin, Antoinette
Brodt, Lauren
Cho, Jeongkwon
Coley, Kristina
Donaldson, Shane
Dunn, Shannon
Ene, Ciprian
Graham, Donald
Hall, Lareese
Horbal, Andrew
Konagaya Good, Kazuyo
Kurtz, Katrina
MacDonald, Timothy
Miller, Jessica
Post, Elizabeth
Romine, Brian
Sommers, Meredith
Stevenson, Rachel
Szymczak, Rachel
Taylor, Jacqueline
Yoda, Norihisa

MLIS FastTrack Degree Program
Allard, Rhonda
Ambrose, Holly
Ben, Susan
Bougouneau, Wendy
Bruch, Jennifer
Canton, Annice
Caranese, Ellen
Cooper, Erika
Crans, Kristen
Cummings, Kristina
Farrell, Jane
Ferdinand, Janice
Fitzgerald, Michelle
Fleenor, Jennifer
Foley, Michael
Gambee, Sara
Gilchrist, Laura
Greene, Leslie
Henderson, Kayembe
Holtry, Cara
Hubbuch, Consuelo
Johnson, Renise
Kelly, Kristy
Leonhardt, Beverly
Mackley, Allison
Mahler, Scott
McGinniss, Jeremy
Miller, Cynthia
Moody-Benedict, Shahnyn
Morris, Jennifer
Neugebauer, Kyle
Oliver, Kimberly
Rucker, Alena
Ryan, Amy
Seager, Bethan
Simms, Kathleen
Simon, Janice
Staub, Maureen
Stuckey, Gabriel
Yerger, Sarah
Zocco, Erin

The MLIS Degree Program, SLCP Specialization
Carver, Rachel
Cummings, Valerie
Havrin, Patricia
Reeder, Erin
Ulery, Michelle
Zaccarino, Kara

The PhD in Library and Information Science Degree Program
Cecchetti, Alfred
Miller, Jonathan