News / Pitt’s iSchool faculty and students participate in iConference 2009, February 8-11


Several faculty members and students from Pitt’s iSchool will be presenting at iConference 2009, to be held February 8-11, 2009.  The conference will take place at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and will feature three plenary sessions, nine paper sessions, fourteen roundtable events and ten wildcard discussions. The conference has as its theme “iSociety: Research, Education, and Engagement.”

From here at Pitt, the following are presenters at the conference:

  • Martin Weiss, Paper Session, “The FCC’s ‘White Spaces’ decision and its implications for iSchools”
  • Martin Weiss, David Tipper, Robert Hayden, Paper Session, “iSchools in developing countries: Developing a telecommunications program for the Republic of Kosovo”
  • Yuttasart Nitipaichit, Aylin Aksu, Maria Calle, Joseph Kabara, Paper Session, “Wireless Information Systems in Support of Green iSchools”
  • Kip Currier, Toni Carbo, Roundtable, “Diversity in iSchools”
  • Ellen Detlefsen, Roundtable, “iSchool Health and Medical Research Initiatives and Opportunities”
  • Ellen Detlefsen, Roundtable, “Alternative Approaches to Educating Medical Informationists
  • Ronald L. Larsen, Roundtable, “Extreme Events and iSchools”
  • Daqing He, Wildcard, “Geeks in the Archive: iSchools and the future of Archival Technology”
  • Ying-Feng Hsu, Vladimir Zahorozhny, Poster, “Towards Algebraic Query Optimization in Process Data Warehouse”
  • Jae-wook Ahn, Peter Brusilovsky, Poster, “Envisioning User Models for Adaptive Visualization”
  • Carlos Enrique Caicedo, Aylin Aksu, Walter Cerroni, Poster, “A Cooperative Approach to Lab-Based Multi-Team Courses in an iSchool”
  • Ellen Gay Detlefsen, Heiko Spallek, Titus Schleyer, Brian S. Butler, Poster, “The ‘Lunch with a Scientist’ Project: An Information Behavior Study in an Academic Health Sciences Center”