News / iConference 2009 to take place February 8-11, 2009

How does an iSchool become “green?” What is “engagement” in a research institution? How do we address under-represented groups among iDesigners as well as iConsumers?

These are just a few of the topics open for discussion at iConference 2009--iSociety: Research, Education, Engagement. The iConference will be held at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from February 8-11, 2009. The School of Information Sciences here at Pitt is one of the founding members of the iSchools, a consortium of institutions interested in the relationships between information, technology and people. The iSchools take it as given that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, as well as information technologies and their applications.

The organizers of the iConference 2009 have released a Call for Papers and a Call for Reviewers.  Consider how you can be a part of iConference 2009!