SIS Colloquium


Raymond Yee The School of Information Sciences is pleased to welcome Raymond Yee as he presents a colloquium on Wednesday, September 26, 2007.  Dr. Yee will discuss “Web Mashups, Recombinatory Data and the Academy,” beginning at 11 am in Room 501 of the SIS Building (135 North Bellefield Avenue).  Dr. Yee is a visiting scholar at the School of Information, UC Berkeley. 

Yee will examine how, with relatively little effort, individuals are recombining digital content from the Web to create sophisticated mashups.  The mashups often provide entirely new understandings of that content.  This talk will survey the world of mashups, how they are created, how people learn to make them -- and specifically, the implications of recombinatory data and services for the university.

Until recently, Raymond Yee was a lecturer and data architect at the University of California, Berkeley. While earning a Ph.D. in biophysics, he taught computer science, philosophy, and personal development to K-11 students in the Academic Talent Development Program on the Berkeley campus. He is the primary architect of the Scholar's Box, software that enables users to gather digital content from multiple sources to create personal collections that can be shared with others. Raymond has also been a lecturer in the UC Berkeley School of Information, where he has taught the course "Mixing and Remixing Information." As a data architect, he focused on the architecture of data-oriented campus services, including those around scholarly processes.