Welcome New Students


Welcome New StudentsWe welcome you to the School of Information Sciences as you begin your studies in one of the most exciting fields of endeavor!  The School wants to provide you with the skills and knowledge to earn successful careers in business, government, or non-profits.  We hope that you’ll find your studies challenging and rewarding.  The faculty, staff, and administration are here to help you make the most of your studies at SIS!

New students should know that there are many resources available to you to help you in your higher education journey.  Basic information about the School, presented at the August 24th Orientation Session is available here.  Here is a selected list of other sources of information about Pitt, SIS, and your studies:

SIS administrative offices are on the Fifth Floor of the IS Building; staff are located on the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh floors.  The staff and administrators are always ready to help you with questions regarding admissions, financial aid, and so much more!  And don’t forget, the SIS faculty members are invaluable resources who will help you to create the most effective academic schedule and plan of studies. 

Each degree program at SIS has its own webpage with a great deal of details about the courses, the faculty, and the specializations.  Each program has a link on the left-hand navigation bar, so visit them to find out how to make your studies at SIS even more productive.

Good luck in your studies at the School of Information Sciences!