Telecommunications and Distributed Systems


P. KrishnamurthySIS introduces a new track of study in the MSIS program – Telecommunications and Distributed systems – that will give you the skills and knowledge to deploy, design and manage distributed applications across networked systems.  Employers are seeking graduates who can design and manage client-server and peer-to-peer systems, manage network-based information systems, and design networks and systems that are secure.  This 36-credit course of study takes advantage of our faculty’s expertise in telecommunications, network design, database management, e-business, and security.

This course of study addresses those topics critical to the design and management of the networked information systems that form the backbone of industries ranging from healthcare to finance to manufacturing.  Students can select from courses in telecommunications, network design, network management, client-server systems, database management, web technologies and standards, e-business, wireless networks, application development for mobile devices, internet-based GIS, and network security.  There are several options for your plan of study, to better accommodate your area of interest and your schedule.  Visit for more detail s on the track of study and the schedule options.