Transit Design Lecture


Bob FirthSIS will welcome Bob Firth to present a lecture on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 3:30 pm in Room 501 IS Building.  The title of Mr. Firth’s lecture is "The Long Squiggly Line That's Killing Our Transit System and an Information Science Solution."  The recent proposed cuts to funding of the Pittsburgh Authority of Allegheny County’s transit system have led Bob Firth and his company, Informing Design, to consider a radical redesign of bus routes based on efficient transportation systems currently being used in Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA; Cleveland, OH; and even Curitiba, Brazil. In this talk, Bob Firth will present his ideas for developing a cost-effective and efficient bus system, based on years of experience in studying transportation flows in Pittsburgh and applying basic information science principles to solving problems of navigation and way finding.

Bob Firth is founder and president of Informing Design, which is an innovative company that has designed a number of novel wayfinding tools including the colorful Pittsburgh Wayfinder signs and the collection of print-on-demand maps. The talk is sponsored by the Spatial Information Science Research Interest Group of the School of Information Sciences and will be followed by a reception in Room 522.