Professors Prashant Krishnamurthy and Vladimir Zadorozhny, along with Professor Vladimir Oleshchuk (of Agder University College in Norway) have been awarded a grant from the Research Council of Norway (RCN).  The grant funds of $24,500 will be used to extend collaborative research by the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and Agder University College on challenges in security and privacy in data management in wireless and mobile network environments.  The grant program calls for expertise in the areas of distributed data management, wireless communications, security and privacy. 

The grant was awarded to the three researchers in May of 2006 and the work product will result in a full proposal to the RCN to further this cooperative research.  The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is in charge of promoting and supporting Norwegian basic and applied research in all areas of science, technology, medicine and the humanities. It also advises the Norwegian government on research policy. RCN is a strategic body which identifies areas of special effort, allocates research funds and evaluates the resulting research.

Krishnamurthy, Associate Professor, has been a member of the SIS faculty since 1999; his research interests include wireless data networks, wireless network security, and indoor radio channel models.  Zadorozhny, Assistant Professor, has been a member of the SIS faculty since 2001.  His research interests cover networked information systems, wireless and sensor data management, and scalable architectures.  Olekshchuk, a faculty member in the Computer Science Program at Agder, has published extensively on security issues in wireless environments.