Sherry KoshmanSherry Koshman, Assistant Professor at SIS, has received funding from the Provost’s Advisory Council on Instructional Excellence’s (ACIE) Annual Innovation in Education Awards program (2006).  The awards are offered by Provost James V. Maher to encourage instructional innovation and teaching excellence.  Professor Koshman was funded for her project “Building Tools for Teaching Interactive Information Visualization Systems.”

Koshman’s project addresses two core challenges in teaching information visualization:  the lack of interactive visualization systems for students to use in developing new interfaces and models; and the need to augment current instructional methods with dynamic system demonstrations.  Dr. Koshman will identify and assess currently available visualization tools; design and develop dynamic system demonstration videos and build a collection of interactive visualization systems; and evaluate the utility of these resources for teaching purposes.  Another goal of the project is to raise awareness among different departments and universities that teaching information visualization with a strong interactive component can enhance the quality of the student’s learning experience.

The ACIE has offered the Innovation in Education Awards since AY 1999-2000.  Through 2005, 257 proposals were submitted by faculty; only 81 projects received funding in the six years of the program.  In 2006, there were 8 projects funded including Dr. Koshman’s.  Koshman joins a select group of SIS faculty who has been recognized with this University-sponsored honor:

Peter Brusilovsky – 2001
“Supporting Learning from Examples in a Programming Course”

David Robins – 2003
“Becoming an Information Critic”

Peter Brusilovsky – 2003
“Educational Software for Learning Information Retrieval”

Michael Spring (with Marlin Mickle) – 2004
“Active Learning with Writing, Experimenting, and Simulation”

Daqing He – 2005
“Digital Library for Learning About Digital Libraries”